Coffee For Conservation

Why should you buy this coffee?

  • Because it’s “Coffee for Conservation!”
  • You preserve critical migratory corridor habitat that sustains the unique biodiversity of the rainforest.
    Without it, the incredible flora and fauna will not survive.
  • You help farms stay in the hands of local farmers!
  • You promote environmentally sound growing practices!
  • With every pound that you buy, you donate to conservation, education and social programs that benefit the
  • Monteverde community and forest.
  • Farmers receive a fair market price!
  • And you get delicious coffee!

To purchase coffee please contact us or stop by an anti-cabin fever dinner or event.

Want to know more?

The Monteverde region is located in the Tilarán Mountain Range in northwestern Costa Rica. It is one of the most biologically diverse areas on the earth. Café Monteverde is grown on 70 farms bordering the Monteverde Cloud Forest Preserve, 100-1400 meters above sea level. Their small Co-op has been operating for over 50 years.

Fair Trade Certification guarantees the Co-op farmers a fair price. This raises incomes and living standards for the local farmers and helps to protect the environment. Fair Trade doesn’t provide aid or charity, but instead promotes self-reliance and equality for farmers who are disadvantaged under present global trading conditions.

Small-Scale Farming permits the coffee growers to manually control the weeds, eliminating the need for chemical products prohibited by the Co-op and returns organic material into the soil. Adequate distance between coffee plants allows for light and air circulation, helping prevent disease. Families tend their own farms, retaining control of their family lands.

Bird-Friendly Reforestation has converted destroyed rain forest to farms where coffee is grown in harmony with the rain forest. Fruit trees provide shade and act as windbreaks. Indigenous trees stabilize the soil and prevent erosion. They also provide habitat for over 420 species of birds, including the endangered three-wattled bellbird, resplendent quetzal, and 30 knids of hummingbirds. The birds reduce pest populations. Shade-grown under trees and the abundant cloud cover of the Monteverde region, the coffee is some of the best in the world. Water Use and Conservation is carefully monitored. Water use was reduced from 5000 liters per 100 pounds of beans to only 150 liters by means of a water re-circulation system.

Organic Fertilizer is made from the coffee cherry pulp, which represents approximately 45% of the fruit. The mills traditionally deposited the pulp into the rivers, contaminating them. 100% of Café Monteverde pulp is separated during processing and treated with worms, which convert the pulp into organic fertilizer!

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