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Haitian Response: Weeks after the earthquake in Haiti in 2012, kids our own age and their families are in crisis, homeless, critically ill or injured, and without the basic needs of life.  Our relief effort Teens Connecting Continents – Haiti is rapidly responding to the people of Haiti and creating events that will continue to help support them during the early stages of this disaster.

First, the urgent need in Haiti is financial support. Change the World Kids are partnering with Three Tomatoes Trattoria and Dartmouth Medical School to raise money for Haiti.

On the evenings of January 26, 27, and 28, [2011] Change the World Kids partnered with Three Tomatoes Trattoria and the Dartmouth Medical School to provide urgent needed relief for kids and families in crisis after the devastating earthquake in Haiti. Hundreds of diners in each of the four locations of Three Tomatoes responded to the initiative. For every entrée purchased during the three evenings, Three Tomatoes donated $5.00. People made additional contributions to the Teens Connecting Continents Haiti project. The effort raised over $12,000! We are deeply grateful for the outstanding support from our communities.

Change the World Kids immediately forwarded this financial support to Partners in Health (PIH) and Pure Water for the World, two organizations with deep roots, both in Haiti and in our community.You can help change the story, the news, and the world for current and future generations. Never doubt the power of partnerships to make a positive – and immediate – difference in our world.


Helping Orphans in India: Change the World Kid Maya Robinson was in India for a year as an exchange student and passed an orphanage on her way to her classes. As winter set in, she noticed that the children were shivering in thin clothing. Maya contacted the Change the World Kids and asked if we could help her get warm clothing for these orphans. We organized a community effort to collect the most needed items and sizes of new or nearly new warm clothes that were appropriate for the Indian culture. In early December we send boxes to Maya for the Kmsnamurti Balak Ashram Orphanage, Armavati, India. Maya was there when the clothing was distributed, and it made her want to cry.




Heifer International: Hunger is serious. We undertook a whole community effort to help reduce world hunger to raise the$5,000 necessary to contribute an “ark” to HeiferInternational. This was big money, but would provide pairs and trios of many animals to families throughout the world, training in their care, and the promise that the first offspring of the pair will be given to a neighbor in the village or  town to start a new flock or herd. To keep the community informed of the progress, we cut an ark out of blueboard, painted “The Ark of Hope” in bold green letters, made a secure stand, and pined on a paper animal to represent each donation. We made stencils, and children at local elementary schools, traced, and cut out the animals. Purple and yellow striped llamas, pink cows, and polka dotted camels littered the tables. The copy store employee laughed when we brought them in to laminate as protection against the weather. By the time we reached our goal, the front of the ark was covered with animals, and dozens were on the back. It was truly a whole community effort – a quiet one, not a strenuous one, but a very, very important one.


A Year After the Tsunami in Southeast Asia:A friend in Thailand contacted us about the school in Chumphon Donthaphon School in the Nkaha District. Deep in the jungle, the children were isolated, and the school lacked sufficient funding. Thailand was struggling to rebuild after the devastating tsunami. We joined the effort to pay for a teacher’s salary and provide materials, so the children would have a good education.

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