Local Work

Helping Individuals in our community –>IMG_2226

We work to meet basic human needs, as well as provide friendship and support, responding to requests and referrals for help from individuals, neighbors, doctors, school health providers, and social service agencies in our community.

Food Justice –>IMG_6883

Why do people go hungry in our world, when we have pantries and refrigerators stocked full of food – enough to waste? What are sustainable food practices, local and global? Are we blind to the effects of our eating habits? These are issues of food justice that we are working to address.

In 2014 we established a new link in our food system by building our Food Justice Root Cellar making it possible to distribute locally grown produce year-round.

We delivered 1,400 pounds of fresh vegetables to our local food shelf and food insecure families from our two gardens in 2015.

Environmental Stewardship –> people

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