Food Justice

Our Food Justice program creates and strengthens our local networks and resources, providing hands-on assistance to promote sustainable lifestyles. Why do people go hungry in our world, when we have pantries and refrigerators stocked full of food – enough to waste? What are sustainable food practices, locally and globally? Are we blind to the effects of our eating habits? These are issues of food justice that we are working to address.

Food justice is the affirmation that everyone should have accessible, fresh, and affordable healthy food that is produced in a fair manner. This requires that we develop a sustainable and socially responsible food system, which meets the needs of the people and respects the environment. Food justice seeks to provide healthy food in communities – small and huge, rural and urban, economically poor or wealthy. It mandates consideration of future generations, and supports freedom for people to grow and choose their own food. Creating justice involves community building and social change, to help provide food security for all.

Our Food Justice Gardens:

We are making a difference in our local food system by working to reduce local hunger and promote food justice. From our two well-established gardens, we delivered over 1,400 pounds of fresh vegetables to our local food shelf and food insecure families in 2017. We made weekly deliveries to ensure access to nutritious, healthy and local food. Our food justice garden planted with our Change the World Kid Rising group tripled in size and more than tripled in production this year. Read more….

Root Cellar:

In 2014 we established a new link in our food system by building our Food Justice Root Cellar, making it possible to distribute locally grown produce year-round! A root cellar keeps vegetables and fruit from withering and spoiling during the winter without using electricity by maintaining a temperature between 32°F and 40°F and a humidity of between 80-90%. We intend to put our late harvest into our awesome root cellar so more produce can be offered to patrons of the Woodstock Food Shelf year-round! Read more…

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