Teens Connecting Continents

The development and implementation of projects in communities around the world to support quality education, improve health, foster gender equality, and promote hope to help break the cycle of poverty and provide the next generation of leadership.

Rwanda – Boy Heading Ball

In 2010 we helped fund secondary school education for 200 young men and women in the Kayonza district. A secondary school education is one of the best ways to help students and their families break out of poverty.

We also support Partners in Health to provide academic and psychosocial support groups for children and adolescents in Rwinkwavu, many of whom are infected or affected by HIV/AIDS. Read more here…

Uganda –TCC Uganda 2011 alanna with students

In 2010, the first Walk the Walk event was held to launch our Teens Connecting Continents project in Uganda. This walk symbolized the miles that thousands of children during the Ugandan Civil War walked and ran miles each night to escape the atrocities of the war. Deprived of their families, community, health, and innocence, they lost years of their childhood. Now these displaced children – many orphans – walk miles each day seeking food, education, and shelter.  They are Uganda’s next generation. Read more here…

Congo –

registration2-1To promote education, particularly of girls, in the Democratic Republic of theCongo, we helped establish and continue to support the Bakwa-Tshileu Village School, providing school supplies and equipment for a soccer program. We are now working to make clean water available for the school and village. Our hope is to help purchase a portable drilling rig that can be used to dig multiple village wells.



moravia 07 051Six years ago, a woman phoned with the hope that we could help children who lived in an area called Moravia, a large slum built on a huge trash dump in Medellin, Columbia. To fundraise, we hosted a Latin dance featuring hot salsa music. Now, in partnership with a local business that sends a contribution each month, we help support food (lunch for 300 children every weekend) and education programs (university fees and supplies) that are changing the lives and dreams of these children and youth.

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